Passing variable between DSC resources at runtime


I wrote a Script resource which will request a certificate from a CA.
Now I want to use the CertificateThumbprint in a subsequent DSC resource (xdsdcwebservice to be precise).
The problem is, I do not know the thumbprint when I create the mof, obviously, because it does not exist yet.

Is there a way to pass parameters between DSC resources at run time?

Any help appreciated.


Unfortunately, no. This sort of enhancement is pretty much at the top of many DSC wish-lists. :slight_smile:

If there isn’t already, can you file this idea on uservoice for this request @

If you modify the second resource you could write the cert out to disk or registry and read it back in the follow up resource. Even encrypt it or change perms to local system only if you want it slightly more secured.

Unfortunately due to how CIM is implemented the runspace is reset between invocations so even a globally scoped variable won’t be accessible.