Posts are Broken

There is some HTML or something breaking the posts as the post options (e.g. Edit, Quote, Report, etc) are missing and text is not wrapping in the posts. Here are some examples, but it’s popping up more.

Started within the last couple of days from what I can tell.

I was just coming to make the same complaint. I can’t see all the text on the posts. It’s been like that on mobile for a long while, and as Rob said just the last few days everywhere else. The site has been offline off and on as well as slow, which I assume you guys are already aware of.

pre tag test
code tag test

So, this issue seems to be due to the interaction between the WordPress theme used for the forum, and the implementation of the pre tag. The full quote should be:

Well, the way they make shows is, they make one show. That show's called a pilot. Then they show that show to the people who make shows, and on the strength of that one show they decide if they're going to make more shows. Some pilots get picked and become television programs. Some don't, become nothing. She starred in one of the ones that became nothing.
(thanks to

Specifically, the CSS for the preformatted block is not set to wrap text, so it creates a side-scroll area, but when this area is displayed in a post on the forum it extends the display width of the post. However, the theme has a maximum display width that is smaller than the now expanded post width, and as a result the right side of the post is hidden and inaccessible. Interestingly, the side-scroll area also seems to have a width limit, and (at least for me) the entire line isn’t visible, which makes pre even less useful.

Recently, the plugin that was being used to apply color highlighting and line numbers in the preformatted blocks on our forum was deprecated due to lack of updates, and WordPress removed it, so we no longer have that functionality. Effectively, this means that pre and code behave the same, except for the text wrapping. For the moment, I recommend using code and not pre, but be aware that text wrapping will break up long lines (visually). Text in a code block should still copy & paste normally - the line breaks added for display on the forum shouldn’t end up in copied text.

James has been looking for a plugin to replace the lost functionality, but hasn’t found one yet.

awesome, Thanks @grokkit for nailing it down…

There is still some odd stuff going on. Posted here and I put some JSON outside of the pre tags and there is no Edit for me to fix it.

Using the code tags I still have content not in the tags not being wrapped, just the text explanation provided is not wrapped. There is no Edit to open the post to see a pre tag was used by mistake:

This thread was actually broken by kvprasoon’s reply on Aug 6 (#247408), which had code tags inside of pre tags. Removing the pre tags fixed the thread.

The top block of code in this response was in pre tags. Unfortunately, once this problem occurs the only way to edit the post is via the WordPress admin control panel, which means that only moderators will be able to fix it.

Ok, so there’s a little more to this problem. It’s not just long lines of code in pre tags, it’s any unbroken string that exceeds the maximum display width of the forum theme.

In this post, a long hyperlink (google search results) breaks the width:

And in this test it’s just a long string of text without spaces:
(it doesn’t matter if bbPress parses it as a hyperlink or not)

I tried to adjust this by applying word-wrap: break-word; to div,span and p blocks, and even by placing the text inside a table cell, but basically bbPress filters out any CSS that isn’t explicitly allowed (which is good).

As you can see in the first example, there are normal use cases that cause the problem, which means that it will occur repeatedly until we deal with it. We also aren’t the only ones to experience this, though so far I haven’t found any really good solutions. I think there’s two possible fixes:

  1. Change the forum theme to one that properly handles long strings. Unfortunately, this would probably require testing different themes at random until we find one that works.
  2. Edit the CSS for our current theme to apply word wrapping. This should actually be relatively easy, but it would mean that the theme has custom code which would need to be manually carried forward during updates (or we just maintain our own local theme going forward and don't update it from external sources).

There definitely some odd stuff still going on. If you look at this post:

I used the code tag and it breaks the content is pieces jacks up my pretty indention. Cannot make updates as the Edit is unavailable in the menu.

We are still looking into why this is happening. We were hopeful that we could just add text wrapping into the css file but that wasn’t’ the case at all. We are testing on our staging website.

I think we have a solution in place and from what I have spot-checked word wrapping is now working and the PowerShell code is being highlighted correctly. Let me know if you all see otherwise.