Favorite Modules 2018

Note: My original post with the same titel got lost or something. I have no clue what happened.

Over the years I have gathered a nice collection of modules. Here are some of my favorites:

  • dbachecks - SQL Server Infrastructure Tests
  • dbatools - automate database development and server administration
  • ImportExcel - import/export Excel spreadsheets, without Excel
  • NTFSSecurity - manage file and folder security on NTFS volumes
  • Pansies - handling color and cursor positioning via ANSI escape sequences
  • PoshRSJob - use runspaces to create jobs that allow throttling and quicker execution of commands
  • PowerLine - richer output and prompts
  • PSEverything - Powershell access to Everything for fast file system searches
  • PSLogging - creates and manages log files for your scripts
  • PSWindowsUpdate - Windows Update Client
  • SNMP - manage systems using SNMP
  • SqlServer - automate database development and server administration
  • Universal Dashboard - cross-platform module for developing websites and REST APIs
  • VMware.PowerCLI - manage Vmware environments
  • Z - quickly navigate the file system based on your cd command history

I know there are definitely some gems I am missing or I should switch from one to another.
What are some of your favorite modules?
Did you write one you like to share?
Do you know a nicely curated list of awesome ones?

Great topic.

Policy File Editor (local Group Policy) (still don’t know how to use get-gpregistryvalue) Wish there was an actual PrintManagement one. Wish the snmp one would resolve hostnames and handle bits (more than 8).


I could use a replacement for test-connection with a timeout option.