Favorite Modules 2018

Over the years I have gathered a nice collection of modules. Here are some of my favorites:

  • dbachecks => framework created by and for SQL Server pros who need to validate their environments
  • dbatools => module that enables SQL Server Pros to automate database development and server administration
  • ImportExcel => import/export Excel spreadsheets, without Excel
  • NTFSSecurity => managing file and folder security on NTFS volumes
  • Pansies => handling color and cursor positioning via ANSI escape sequences
  • PoshRSJob => use PowerShell runspaces to create jobs that allow throttling and quicker execution of commands
  • PowerLine => Classes for richer output and prompts
  • PSEverything => Powershell access to Everything - Blazingly fast file system searches
  • PSLogging => Creates and manages log files for your scripts
  • PSWindowsUpdate => functions to manage Windows Update Client
  • SNMP => manage systems using SNMP
  • SqlServer => automate database development and server administration
  • Universal Dashboard => Cross-platform module for developing websites and REST APIs
  • VMware.PowerCLI => manage VMware environments
  • Z => quickly navigate the file system in PowerShell based on your cd command history

I know there are definitely some gems I am missing or I should switch from one to another.
What are some of your favorite modules?
Do you know a nicely curated list of awesome ones?

It really depends on what you need to do as to which modules you use most. It might help others if you gave a 1 sentence explanation of what the module does. For example I’ve not seen pansies or Z


I also have a few of Jeff Hick’s modules that are just for learning and fun

Good Idea. I added short explanations.

Of course it depends on what you need to do. So what do you need to do? Mayby others need to do the same.
On the other hand, there are modules that are universaly usefull, like Z.

So, care to share some of your favorites?

where did my original post go ???

I recreated it here: https://powershell.org/forums/topic/favorite-modules-2018-2/