Module question

Hello, I’m sure this will be a simple question and really display my ignorance but are the below modules defaults in 2008 R2?

I’m mostly concerned with ‘servermanager’ module.

PS C:\Users\xxxxxxxxx\Desktop> Get-Module -list

ModuleType Name ExportedCommands

Manifest ActiveDirectory {}
Manifest ADRMS {}
Manifest AppLocker {}
Manifest BestPractices {}
Manifest BitsTransfer {}
Manifest PSDiagnostics {}
Manifest ServerManager {}
Manifest TroubleshootingPack {}

The ServerManager module is included on all Windows 2008 servers, but you will have to ensure that you import the module prior to utilizing it:

Import-Module ServerManager

In 2012, the module is automatically loaded in Powershell, so there is no need to import it.

Ok I thought so but just wanted to make sure before I started adding import-module lines into some code, thanks Rob!