Extend a drive with new volume from powershell

Hi, I have a existing D drive with NTFS filesystem. I’m trying to automate the Drive extension from powershell, but unable to find any solution. I have added a new volume from the SAN storage and need to add it to the existing D drive. Kindly suggest if any options for the same using powershell. The same I can do it using Computer Management.

check diskpart

Thanks for your responses, but still I’m unable to find any options to add a new volume to the existing drive. Since I’m beginner in Windows and powershell it will be great if you can help me out on this:
I have 2 volumes each of 500G coming from SAN storage, one volume is already attached to D Drive, other volume is free and I need to attach with the same D drive. so far all options are to create new drive only I can see.