Exporting html file instead csv


I want to automate the export of my issues in Jira, but It keeps exporting as html file. I was trying with Invoke-WebRequest…

I searched, and it seems that does it when the file is not private. Ok. But how can I solve this? Any suggestions?

Hi there and welcome!

So first a clarification question- the goal is to get an export of your issues as a CSV correct?

What exactly have you tried thus far?

Additionally, have you looked into the JiraPS module? JiraPS - Docs | AtlassianPS

My guess is you can probably use Get-JiraIssue and either filter that in Powershell or use the -Query parameter to narrow down the data you want and save that to a var. After that you can use the Export-CSV to export the data. Apologies I don’t have a jira environment to test with but I’m confident it can be accomplished w/ that module.