Convert saved html webpage to Excel/CSV

I have taken health report of multiple servers and saves as webpage, since it has so much information. I want to convert into excel so that i can filter according to server name and check their stats. Can somebody help me how to do in powershell

I would recommend to get the health report in a format you need instead of converting an existing report.

The report has css included which makes it clear to read the data, that is the reason i made the report in html format.

OK. But I think it will be harder than necessary to convert a html report instead of creating this report in csv and format the report inside Excel.

I’ll agree. There’s nothing native in PowerShell that will magically do this; you’re going to have to hand-code something to parse the HTML and output CSV. And the CSV will, of course, not include any CSS or formatting or anything. And coding for Excel is extremely difficult and tedious.