Error While Calling vbs File from Powershell


I am New to Powershell.I have a vbs File that will read the data from excel sheet,then load the same into oracle database and then it will call the bat file to submit a server Job(Siebel).Till now i am executing this vba file by calling from a bat script as shown below.
SET VBSFILELOC=D:\System_Administration\DailyBuild\SCRIPTS\RefDataImport
Call %windir%\SysWoW64\wscript.exe %VBSFILELOC%%VBSFILENAME% %VBSARG% %LOGDIR%.

Now when i tried to call the same from Poweshell,

cscript.exe arg1 arg2 arg3

vba file is error out at the following step in vba file
Set oSH = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
EIMBase = sRootDir & "prog\eimjob8.cmd " & SetEnvFile & " "
sResult = oSH.Run(EIMBase & sIFBFile, 1, 1)
The sResult is getting with value as ‘591887’

Could you please help out whats going wrong when i am calling this from Powershell.

The same file when i am running directly/through bat script,there was no error.

Issue is due the CMD file.