Powershell Script not working after saving as .ps1

Hi All,

I have Powershell code, I have tested it by pasting the code with Powershell
it ran without error.
But, when I have saved it as .PS1 file and trying to run it’s not working, I am receiving error

$path = “C:\Users\beeraval\desktop\Powershell_work\Source.xlsx”
$Excel = New-Object -ComObject excel.application
$Excel.visible = $True
$Workbook = $excel.Workbooks.open($path)
$Worksheet = $Workbook.WorkSheets.item(“MBR Metrics”)
$path1 = “C:\Users\beeraval\desktop\Powershell_work\loaa.xlsx”
$Excel1 = New-Object -ComObject excel.application
$Excel1.visible = $True
$Workbook1 = $excel1.Workbooks.open($path1)
$Worksheet1 = $Workbook1.WorkSheets.item(“Loaa Data”)
$range = $WorkSheet.Range(“D:D“).EntireColumn.Delete()
$range = $WorkSheet.Range(“A4:AM206“)
$range.Copy() | out-null
$Worksheet1 = $Workbook1.WorkSheets.item(“Loaa Data”)
$Range1 = $Worksheet1.Range(“A4“)

Any help is appreciated

What is the error you’re receiving?

I guess you’re having the extensions in explorer hidden? And that’s why the ps1 file doesn’t run?

It’s possible the execution policy is restricting it from running.

Without knowing the actual error message, it’s only guessing from our side…

Hi All, Thank you for your response. I should have mentioned my error clearly.

I was able to resolve my error once I have saved my Code using Powershell ISE.

Its running fine now.