Running block of Powerhsell Code from VBA

by sgarciacode at 2013-04-02 13:47:10

Hello Everyone,

I have a lot of VBA code embedded into Excel and Access tables and I want to integrate in my Powershell code that I have been working on. I know that you can call a powershell file and have it execute, but what I want are the ability to do two things. The first is to be able to call a powershell script that has a function and send it parameters from the VBA script, and the second is to execute a block of powershell code in VBA.

So for example I want to be able to write something like this in my VBA code:

call powershell {. "Path to ps1"; myfunction $param1 $param2}


call powershell { $today = get-date; Write-Host $today}

Are any of these possible and if so what is the syntax.

Thanks in advance.
by DexterPOSH at 2013-04-02 14:23:53
Hi there,

I found this link:

Hope it helps