Enable Links Toolbar on Taskbar

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I need to automate the links toolbar to appear on the taskbar.


  1. Right Click on the toolbar
  2. Go to Toolbars
  3. Enable "links"
OS: Windows 10 1803 64-bit

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Hey Joe. This isn’t a script writing service. Have you done any research? Have you written and tested something and it’s not working?

Ditto to what Rob says here, and using your post title in you favorite browser / search engine would reveal this is not the first time this exact question has been asked. Always, use you search tool with your post title, not only via the web generally, but when you come to venues like this one, use the search tool with your post title first. Pretty much guaranteed you’ll get a direct or close enough hit.

For example:

Enabling/Showing the Links Toolbar on the Windows Taskbar via PowerShell