Add shortcuts to taskbar

Looking for a way to put shortcuts on the taskbar - Chrome, Word, Excel, Snipping tool.

Windows 10 powershell 5.

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What have you tried so far?

I googled it for you and there are some promissing search hits: :wink:

If you already have some code what is not working or returns errors you should share this code and the error messages and we will try to solve the issue together with you.

I do not have any code yet. Found something on StackOverflow but remembered you guys are the ones recommended by my Manning books - so … I’ll plow thru the links. Thanks for the response.

If you have some code but get stuck come back and share the code and the issue or the error you have with it. :+1:t4:

Well it seems MS doesn’t want this done anymore (too easy to create kaos). I found this in one of the links: - (NOT written by me, just what I found in Windows 10 Forums)
Additional Information:

Since the 1607 build when Microsoft deprecated the powershell verb pintotaskbar, a new methodology was introduced using XML instead.

There are numerous articles on this online, but all of them seem to be a variation of the original located on Microsoft’s servers.

Hence, I’d recommend this article to save mucking about:

If you are wondering why they change. Unfortunately, rogue programmers abused the verb to add 

not only an icon for their executable to your taskbar, but a multitude of additional pins.

There is currently a module developed by a third party that may work still, but I will not bother linking to it, given Microsoft are slowly but surely - yet actively - eliminating the possibilities in this area for the reason mentioned above; thus any short term solution, is just that!

So, they want to use startmenu.xml (my name). Get the start menu the way you want it. Powershell: Export-StartLayout -path xxxxx/StartMenu.xml. You can then edit it adding your taskbar shortcuts:

This can then be imported to any machine using powershell: Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath xxxxxxx -MountPath c:\

This will then apply to all new users going forward.

Yes, you’re right. They don’t make it that straight forward anymore like in Windows XP times where you could place a lnk file in the proper folder to configure start menu or task bar.

It might be a general philosophy change I can actually understand. We used to follow a similar rule in the customer environment I do work for at the moment.
The desktop and the task bar belongs to the user and will not be changed from the central IT departement.
I, for example, have no icon on my desktop at all. It doesn’t make sense because I would need to minimize all running apps to be able to click them. :wink:

I just click that little space all the way over to the right on the taskbar to get to my desktop. I’m just adding Chrome, Word, Excel, & the Snipping tool to the task bar for users. As a convenience to them.