Dsc pull Server on docker

I know i asked this question on other forums, but I Never got an answer to it.

I startet to use docker for Windows a lot, and After working some time with a nice Jenkins, prometheus, grafana stack, I never want to look back again!

So I wonder if a pull Server (Webserver), is not best deployed inside a docker Container, that benefits so much from rapid deployment, updating etc.

I know m$ Said before azure dsc it is not Docker supported and has deleted all Sources on the topic and will also not answer any public questions.

I really think it is essential to dsc (and everything IT) that the services you need, can be deployed fast and without to much effort and admins can focus on the dsc configurations first, because it is a hell of work you are getting yourself into!

I would like to work on a docker for Windows Container running TUG, officiall pull server, alternatives and maybe someone can give me some answers, if this is possible, right direction where to start.

Maybe I missed something, but in my setups it would be an incredible improvement to make this possible.

I doubt the official pull server would work, and it’s basically deprecated at this point so why bother? But Tug, sure. Why not?

Ben Gelens presented “The pull server is dead, long live the pull server” at PSConfEU this year, and one of the demo was running it in a Docker container.
The session recording had some issues with audio that needs post-processing, I believe it’s being worked on this month, keep an eye on http://powershell.video as it will probably be released soon.

His presentation materials can be found here:

He’ll be presenting on this subject (“The DSC Pull Server Reloaded”) at PSConfAsia, in Singapore the 19-20 of October: http://psconf.asia/ (yes, we’ll try to record sessions and publish them at some point).

You can reach to him on twitter at @bengelens