PowerShell Desired State Configuration on Linux as pull server

Is it possible to use a machine on Linux with DSC as DSC pull server (but clients machines have only Windows system)? I will be grateful for any useful information.

AFAIK, No… But it will be possible soon.

Please refer to below link for understanding how it will be…

thanks for the answer!

I don’t think it will be available soon, or at all, from Microsoft… let me explain:

  • Microsoft is not releasing a new version of a DSC Pull Server, their answer is Azure Automation DSC service, and whether that will be available to run on your own linux vm/container or anything is unlikely…
  • Maybe running the 2019 Pull server on Windows and having the SQL server backend on Linux is possible, but I don’t think it’s the question
  • The community projects that could run on linux are:
  • Traek (technically a set of 6 microservices based on NodeJS by former DSC PM Mark Gray who did it on the side)
  • Tug (a .Net Core implementation of the PS-DSCPM protocol, but the Windows PowerShell 5.1 handler would only works on Windows, for obvious reasons)
  • DSCPullaris, a Work-in-progress project based on Polaris by Ben Gelens
Which one will be production-ready first is not defined yet, but do show interest and support if you are interested!

May I ask what’s your use case?

Of course, I have few Windows machines somewhere in network and one Linux server and I want to client machines (Windows) will be able to pull file from server if is changing, download it, stop service, change file, and start service again. I want to make everything as automatic as possible. In the future I want to have possibility to make other changes too.
Thanks for your answer I am testing Puppet now and I think that this will be good solution of my problem.