"Better" Pull server available?


We are moving forward with using DSC, but were wondering if there are any “better” pull servers available out there? Specifically, we’d love for the pull server to have some kind of mechanism where it would publish new mof to nodes only during certain periods(like 11pm-5am). Also having a pull server with better reporting features(read: dashboard) would be a bonus

We are a very small team trying to push DSC in our organization, so developing a pull server ourselves is almost impossible.


There’s an open source project, Tug, on GitHub. The idea is that it lets you Code your own logic. It’s still early days, but have a look.

The pull server is MS produced code - and so far, I’ve seen nothing in the after-market that is a ‘better’ pull server as such.

Tug is indeed a work in progress. Not sure how easy it would be to build the required provider, but you’d probably need some decent C#/MVC experience.

In terms of publishing, you could easily setup your own mechanisms. The pull client can only pull what is in the pull folder. So you could use task scheduler to move MOF/Checksum files from a staging folder to your pull folder at which point (well some time later when the pull client next checks!) the pull client can pull these updated MOF files and related checksums.

Also, from what I can see, TUG has no reporting capability - which may or may not be relevant. It would be more work to implement that should you need to, but improved reporting might be worth the effort.

Tug is actually designed to be coded in PowerShell, Thomas. C# is another option of course. You don’t need any MVC knowledge - that’s what the project itself takes care of for you. You build your capabilities - including reporting - as you need them. I think you may misunderstand the scope of what Tug tries to solve.

Thanks for the feedback on Tug. I’ve not looked at the code so can’t comment on the detail. I assumed that in order to write the provider, you’d probably need to know how the framework works and thus MVC/C#. If the provider a) can be written in PowerSHell and b) the framework is robust enough to stand up to abuse, then great and I happily stand corrected.

Thanks for the information about Tug, I’ll begin experimentation to see if it can help us. :slight_smile: