DSC: Lab based training

I recently attended a 2 day ‘Chef Fundamentals’ lab based hands on workshop and found it very useful to understand the basic concepts for how it works. I left the class thinking that I wish there was someone out there (Don Jones!) that offered a similar class. I have always found that I learn best in a focused hands on lab based classroom setting, and I generally don’t like CBT videos.

So… Does anyone know of an existing course like this that can be attended in person, or as a live remote student?



I thought I remembered Don floating an idea for that recently, but I’m not seeing the article on this site. Maybe it was on Twitter.

Anyhow, DSC is still new enough that I’m not sure there are many classes, but there are people talking about it in user groups, at the PowerShell summit, etc. In the meantime, check out pretty much anything Steven Murawski has posted on the subject (including his articles on PowerShell.org: https://powershell.org/author/stevenmurawski/ ). He’s using DSC in production at Stack Exchange, and probably has more practical experience than anyone else right now outside of Microsoft.

Nothing formal at this time. I’m pitching the idea for a course to Microsoft, but we’ll have to see if they bite. I include the topic in my custom on-site classes, but those aren’t public.

I’ve been meaning to ready through, and follow along with Murawski’s write-ups, but it’s a matter of time and ability to focus at work. The real answer is probably to take a day off and lock myself away and just power through it.
And yes, I’ll be attending all DSC tracks at the summit. Can’t wait! #tooexcitedtosleep

Microsoft has a TechNet DSC Virtual lab that might also help