Undefined DSC resource 'WindowsFeature'

Hey guys, I am deploying a set of VMs to Azure and configuring them with DSC. This is all based off of things I have already done, but I have started refactoring the deployment so that I can add a deploy to Azure button and let other people use it (before it would just pull in a parameters file that I had created and it was pretty much only usable by myself).

So, I have a DSC script that configures a file server, which previously worked. After refactoring, I am getting the error message:

    "message": "VM has reported a failure when processing extension 'fileServer01DSC'. Error message: \"The DSC

Extension received an incorrect input: An error occurred while executing script or module ‘FS01.ps1’: At
C:\WindowsAzure\extensions\Microsoft.Powershell.DSC\\DSCWork\FS01.ps1.0\FS01.ps1:60 char:9\r\n+
WindowsFeature DFSNamespace\r\n+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\nUndefined DSC resource ‘WindowsFeature’. Use
Import-DSCResource to import the resource.\r\n\r\nAt

WindowsFeature is a built in resource, so I’m confused how it’s saying it is undefined. Furthermore, this deployment consists of two DCs that are configured with DSC prior to the file servers, and they both have some windows features installed by the WindowsFeature DSC resource.

Any ideas or has anyone ever seen anything similar? Deploying from my old, working, master branch seems to still work; it’s only the branch that I have begun refactoring.

Thanks in advance.

Wound up changing a lot of things to get this all working, but the reason for this initial problem was that I had the default OS in the template set to nano. I was used to using a params template to actually pick the OS, so I neglected to change it in the main template.