Dotnet-core-uninstall issue

I’m very new to PS and I’m trying to uninstall ASP.NET 2.1.27 Runtimes & SDK and 3.1.408 Core SDK. There is no sign of these in programs & features, but they are still registering as both SDK and Runtimes still being installed.

PS C:\program files (x86)\dotnet-core-uninstall> dotnet-core-uninstall list

This tool cannot uninstall versions of the runtime or SDK that areÿ
- SDKs installed using Visual Studio 2019 Update 3 or later.
- SDKs and runtimes installed via zip/scripts.
- Runtimes installed with SDKs (these should be removed by removing that SDK).
The versions that can be uninstalled with this tool are:

.NET Core SDKs:
5.0.104 x64 [Used by Visual Studio. Specify individually or use --force to remove]
3.1.408 x64

.NET Core Runtimes:
2.1.27 x86
2.1.27 x64

ASP.NET Core Runtimes:
2.1.27 x86
2.1.27 x64

.NET Core Runtime & Hosting Bundles:

I’m not having any luck uninstalling it with the dotnet-core-uninstall command. Maybe someone can point out where I’m going wrong?

PS C:\program files (x86)\dotnet-core-uninstall> dotnet-core-uninstall remove --version 2.1.27


I get the exact same output when I change the “–version” to 3.1.408

Nothing removes

One thing you can try is to drill down to here in the registry:


Do a search from there for SDK, have a look, if it is what you want to remove, copy/paste the UninstallString into WindowKEY+R and run it.

Thank you for the suggestion, I took a look and there is nothing listed in that registry path for .NET unfortunately.