Deploying Splunk via DSC

Hi Guys,

We are currently in process of adopting DSC for our environment for deploying 3rd party application / updates via DSC. The first requirement for me to find out a way of deploying Splunk v6 using DSC, the problem here is that I was unable to find any module which can help me deploy it.
Can DSC deploy softwares/applications that are not Microsoft based out of the box ? can we use DSC for deploying anti-virus updates etc as well ?

Have you tried?
Did your effort fail?
Where is the code you used for this effort?
What errors are you getting (please show them)?

Splunk is just an MSI, so, all the normal msi install items apply with PoSH.

Installing MSI packages using PowerShell Desired State Configuration ''
Install Splunk Enterprise from the command line ''

This could also turn out not to be a PoSH restriction, as you can look up and see Splunk’s forums.

Are there any PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) resources to set up Spunk servers?

I am working on on a project to set up Splunk servers using Desired State Configuration (DSC). I am surprised that there are not any resources out there to do this. Am I missing something? Is there a big reason why nothing out there exists, e.g. it’s not possible?

Are there any PowerShell Desired State Configurati... - Splunk Community

Splunk has a PoSH Resource Kit. Have you looked to it for your efforts.

Splunk PowerShell Resource Kit

Using the Splunk PowerShell Resource Kit, Windows administrators can manage and extend their Splunk environment to support a variety of tasks. With this first version of the resource kit, administrators can manage Splunk’s topology, configure its internals, and engage the Splunk search engine from a PowerShell session.

Deploying Splunk

  • Install a Splunk forwarder remotely using an MSI.
  • Install a Splunk forwarder remotely using GNU Wget.
  • Deploy forwarders to all hosts from Active Directory.
  • Deploy forwarders to all hosts in an Active Directory organizational unit.
  • Deploy forwarders to all hosts in an Active Directory group.
  • Deploy forwarders to all hosts in a domain.

To answer your second question, yes DSC can cover scenarios other than Microsoft software. There’s really no limit since it is utilizing scripting languages under the hood within each resource.

It sounds like you probably could use the Package resource (and likely a few others) but you will have some experimenting to do. For antivirus definitions, it’s probably a matter of having DSC automate the client.

If you are new to DSC and looking for the docs, they can be found here. We are now publishing new content regularly so let us know if you get stuck.