Powershell DSC installing applications from SCCM Software Catalogue

Currently I am involved in a project to configure and deploy DSC (using the Pull method) for one of our RDS farms.
My question is, is it possible to use SCCM Software Center in conjuction with DSC? E.g. if DSC is configured to install an application is it possible for that installation to come from applications available to the machine via SCCM?
I’ve searched online and can’t find any relevant custom resources.
I think OneGet would be the best method but that is not suitable at this moment in time, instead we would like to manage all of our applications using SCCM.
Thanks for the help,

Well… maybe.

The Package resource that comes with Windows can’t do what you’re asking, no. You’d need to write a custom resource to do it, and I’m not aware of anyone who’s done that work for you already.

I think over the next decade you’ll see Microsoft moving toward PowerShell Package Manager (formerly OneGet) as the repository mechanism, rather than SCCM Distribution Points, with DSC configurations being the command-and-control element vs. the SCCM agent, necessarily. But I’ve been saying for a while that the underlying functionality of SCCM is probably going to start undergoing some fairly radical re-designs to simpler, more cloud-scalable designs. But that’s long term, not today.

But BECAUSE of that long term, I don’t think you’re going to see Microsoft invest a ton in creating DSC resources that play well with SCCM. I could be wrong there, but anything they did would be pretty short-term gap-filling in nature, and thus far the SCCM team hasn’t had a strong relationship with PowerShell, which makes pushing our resources difficult.