Creating my first Addresbookpolicy

I am doing something stupid but can not figure out what.
I am creating an New Adressbookpolicy for the first time in my life.

I can create the all the Addresslists. I tried first with the names i would like to give them.
But trying to get to the problem, i also used the example as on the Microsoft site.

New-AddressList -Name “All Fabrikam”
New-AddressList -Name “All Fabrikam Mailboxes”
New-AddressList -Name “All Fabrikam DLs”
New-AddressList -Name “All Fabrikam Contacts”
New-AddressList -Name “All Fabrikam-Rooms”
New-AddressList -Name “Fabrikam-All-OAB”
New-AddressList -Name “All Fabrikam”

This works just fine uptil now. If i use get-addresslist they are all there.
Then when i try to do this:

New-AddressBookPolicy -Name “All Fabrikam ABP” -AddressLists “\All Fabrikam”,"\All Fabrikam Mailboxes","\All Fabrikam DLs","\All Fabrikam Contacts" -RoomList “\All Fabrikam-Rooms” -OfflineAddressBook “\Fabrikam-All-OAB” -GlobalAddressList “\All Fabrikam”

It fails with the this error.

Address list or global address list “\All Fabrikam” was not found. Please make sure you typed the identity correctly.
+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:slight_smile: [New-AddressBookPolicy], ManagementObjectNotFoundException


I found this article that is similar:

If this doesn’t help, you may want to post this in a forum specifically for Exchange as it may be something related to the Exchange Plan or other factors.