Copy local files to SharePoint using CSV Reference

I have a local CSV File (C:\Temp\File.csv) that contains 5 columns:

I also have a local Folder (C:\Temp\Folder) that contains Files/Images which are named in the columns B-E in my CSV File.

Now I want to create a PSScript, that connects to my SharePoint Site and goes through every row in my CSV and creates a new Folder on the SharePoint that is names like Column A in the CSV. After that the script should check the local Folder if there is a file thats named in Column B, C, D and E and if so, it should copy that file(s) in the created new folder on Sharepoint.
This has to be done for every row in the CSV (about 500).

Does anyone know how to do that?
Sorry…i am just a newby in this topic