how to read a csv file and update a sharepoint column with multiple checkboxes


Can someone help please! I am new to Power shell and have to write a script to insert data from an CSV file into sharepoint list.

The data in the csv file can be read easily - no issues. I have update all the SP column that have text from CSV.

The issue is when I try to insert a CSV column value to SP list column where the list is a multi select check-boxes.

(I inherited this project - pls don’t ask me why SP columns were designed this way).

For example in the csv file I have 2 columns that have favorite cities.

city1 city2

row1 Ottawa Toronto

row2 Montreal halifax

In the sharePoint column, I have FavouriteCity column:






How do I insert the value from csv file and force to select the corresponding item in sharepoint ?

I am looping through the csv file

foreach ($row in $dataFile)
$ListItemCreationInformation = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ListItemCreationInformation
$NewListItem = $List.AddItem($ListItemCreationInformation)

$NewListItem[“FavouriteCity”] = $row.(“city1”)


How do I make Ottawa AND Toronto to be selected and saved?


Any guidance / example is greatly appreciated.









You cannot change UI objects without directly inte3racting with that UI object, via an API, or the default object Model. CSOM is what SP uses for the latter. Just do a search for ‘powershell csom sharepoint’ to get resources to review about dealing with that.

Example hits:

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See also:

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You say you are new to PS, the it is vital you get ramped up on it first, to decrease the confusion, misconceptions, errors, bad habits, bad code and the like…

See these resources.

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