Controlling the file open/save dialog

I tried searching for this but all of the responses are about opening the dialog yourself. But what about controlling the dialog already open, is this possible with powershell? I’m not proficient with powershell. I have code in Microsoft Access that does this. It could use some improvements, but I would rather have a script do it rather than have access application open.

I would appreciate any help

What precisely are you wanting to do?

For instance, I may be automating uploading a file to a pdf conversion site. At some point, the File Open dialog pops up. I would like to take control of this dialog, enter the full path to the file I want to open, in the Filename box, then hit the open button which closes the dialog and returns control

What you’re talking about is UI automation. I recommend you try other options such as an API for the pdf conversion site in your example. If you decide you must automate UI, I would look into AutoIT or AutoHotkey

I am looking into AutoHotKey

It’s a neat tool. Comes in handy in certain situations. Best of luck!

I like its simplicity. However my first script which was a simple WinActivate just doesn’t work. I had a new notepad window open, it finds the window, but it does not activate it

For issues with AutoHotkey code you should go to their forum: