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by kardock at 2012-10-01 10:07:20

hi all, i’m new to powershell and to this forum :slight_smile:

i’ve started playing with powershell a few weeks ago and honestly, i’m not knowledgeable yet. maybe my question will reflect that.

is it possible to have a script that would run in the background, wait for a certain popup to appear, and click a OK button, as if a user would have?

my problem is this: my job is to package all software installation so that no human intervention is required to install a program. i’m usually able to package stuff so that it works as described here, but i have a software that i’m not able to package for several reasons. the installation package i have works, but at the end of the installation, there are 2 popups with a OK button that i can’t get rid of.

since all the target computers are windows 7, i know they have powershell installed. so i thought that maybe powershell could help me to achieve my goal?

so, is this something that is possible, and if so, could someone please give me a hint on how to do that?

many thanks!
by JeffH at 2012-10-02 04:48:09
PowerShell isn’t designed to interact with graphical or Windows elements like that. I don’t think it is going to help you here.
by surveyor at 2012-10-02 06:00:43
AutoIt is made for such jobs.

by kardock at 2012-10-02 07:07:08