Configure Outlook using Powershell(creating user profile)

Hi Team-I’ve tried a lot…but can’t find a way to configure outlook using powershell…
Did any one have the resolution…

Appreciate the response…

Thanks in advance…

Have you searched Google or Bing for how to do Outlook profiles via scripting or GPO? Here are a couple of pages I found.

Have you searched Google or Bing?

Hi Krebs,
Thanks for your reply,
But i couldn’t find anything related to powershell,
i expect something using

$outlook=new-object -ComObject "outlook.application"

Is there any way to add an account to outlook Which is already installed in my Machine.

I believe the only Microsoft supported ways are Outlook.exe /importprf or an MSP file deployed to your machine which does not require PowerShell.


So I have to try with .prf or .MSP…great

Thanks for your great help…



Can anyone help me with powershell script to configure outlook profile at the earliest/

Thanks in Advance!!