Settings From Address in Outlook with powershell

Hi all, I’m new to the forum (and pretty new to PowerShell for that matter) I have a department that often gets new employees and when I set up a new account I have to manually go into outlook, click new email, click options, click From and then click the from dropdown and add some additional email addresses in there that they must use to send out emails. Is there a way to set these addresses in there automatically with a PowerShell script? I have attempted to google doing something like this but its such a niche use case and I don’t even know what it would be called to really look for a command on what to set. Anybody have any ideas on this one??

There might not be a way to do it but sure would be just one less thing that is annoying to do since its several manual steps and I have to do it often. I’m hoping that when I learn PowerShell basics and improve further I can help my team automate a number of things we are all doing manually.

Thanks for any ideas you all might have!

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If I got you right you’re talking about the outlook recipient cache. I think it’s a quite unsual way of “introducing” new or “unknown” addresses to the user. Usually you would use the addressbook to find addresses you haven’t use yet.

Regardless of that I’ve never heard of a way of filling the cache by a script or any “non Outlook” way.

No he’s talking about the From, sending as different accounts. I believe anyhow

ahh … I see … but unfortunately my answer is the same for this topic - I don’t know of any way to activate the “From” button by a script or GPO. I’d prefer to guide the users to a help or dokumentation where they can learn it for themself. :wink:

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[krzydoug] is correct, yes I was talking about the FROM field :smiley:

Yeah we have also discussed having a knowledgebase for the users to be able to do some of these sorts of tasks and so maybe for items like this that might be the best way to go about it. Shame they don’t have an easy way to just script it in though, would make it super easy all around!

Thanks for the responses though guys :smiley:

Yeah I don’t know of a way either. I’m pretty sure if they are replying out of shared mailbox it tries to send as that account? Maybe but yeah the users may just need to know how to add them. Then they can’t say “I didn’t know about that” when they send from the wrong account

In my experience that depends on the way the shared mailbox is set up in Outlook. Most of the times it is automatically set up what’s causing some commonly known problems. I’d recommend to set up the shared mailbox as a second account.

But that’s not a PowerShell issue anymore. :wink: