Mapping a shared mailbox to existing Outlook profile

Hello, I am new to powershell and have been working with a few precompiled and quite simple scripts to add delegate permissions to a shared mailbox in M365. This works great and allows me to avoid the mess off automapping and OST bloat. The result is that I must manually connect to the clients PC and add the shared mailbox to their Outlook profile.

Is there a way to use powershell to map this shared drive to Outlook so that the extra steps of contacting and getting permission to connect remotely to a clients computer can be avoided?


Thanks for your time!



You should help/challenge/empower your users to help themselfs. On the long run it actually does not help them when you take away the normal user configuration work from them.

I would normally agree with you here except we are an MSP for hundreds of clients ranging from small businesses to companies with hundreds of employees. Some of these companies do not allow their staff to have their own email password for security reasons which leaves us to have to setup mailboxes for them. Finding a solution to streamline this task would save us a lot of time and save the client’s workflow from being interrupted. Thank you for the reply and suggestion though!

OK, but in this case you don’t have to connect to the PC you have to connect to the particular user session, right?

Did you search the PowershellGallery? There is a module OutlookConnector what sounds promissing for this kind of requirement.

I will take a look at this module. Thanks again!