Configuration files getting too big


We recently started using DSC in our company to setup our servers from scratch. This is just a proof of concept so I haven’t setup any pull server, I just run the DSC manually. It is working like a charm but I experience that the configuration file can easily get pretty long and it is difficult to keep overview about what is going on.

I decided to split the configuration into several smaller configuration files. One to define windows features and another for IIS setup in addition to some custom powershell scripts to setup users, certificates and permissions. I have the feeling that this is not the right approach, but one big DSC file doesn’t feel like a good idea either. Is there any kind of configuration inheritance in DSC?


Are you talking about the configuration data or the script?

I wrote an group of articles about setting up the DSC tools on the GitHub repo. It brakes the config data up into smaller files and allows for inheritance.