Checking IMAP mail with Powershell

Hi there!

I have tried to check through bunch of method for connecting to IMAP mails with powershell.

The only thing i need, is to check if the login works, for a bunch of system-adresses.

I managed to do this with TELNET, but couldn’t really make it work well in a loop in PowerShell.

The only variable is the email name, the code and mailserver is the same for all these specifik mails.

Can anyone share a good tool or library for a process such as this? :slight_smile:

Not done this myself but I found some resources that might help you out:

Stack Overflow post with PowerShell examples.

Library used in the Stack Overflow post.

Recommended library as the above project is no longer maintained.

Hi Matt!

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:
I did give it some time, but ultimately ended sending these “access tests” through a Linux webserver with PHP, simply seemed easiest.

Have a nice weekend!