Connect to Exchange mailbox and read email


I have searched quite a bit - maybe with the incorrect searches - but haven’t been able to find something really useful.

I need to connect directly to a user mailbox/ shared mailbox on an on-premisses Exchange server and be able to iterate the emails in a specific folder, and read their content and search for patterns.
This is intented to use for automation.

I can see that there are some tutorials and guides, for instande here IMAP Examples for PowerShell where you can connect to IMAP mailboxes on a variety of hosting platforms, but I’m looking for a more proprietary solution - I guess it should be there after all, when borh Exchange and powershell are created from the same company?


Although I have never done this, and cant test, my first thought was MAPI. Have you googled on that?

Thanks. I’ll take a look a it :slight_smile: