IMAP (hotmail possibly) to PST via powershell

Hi all

im after some direction to use powershell to download data into a pst from an IMAP service (Lets say hotmail for now), i have around 100 users on said service and would like to inject this data into exchange.

did some googling but not managed to find much related

after some searching came across some 3rd party & a old microsoft tool that i cant get working “Microsoft Transporter suite”

so still zero at the moment, any help appreciated

Try looking at these cmdlets on Powershell Gallery NetCmdLets. I have never used, and don’t have time right now to test, but they do have some imap cmdlets. I’m thinking maybe you could skip creating .pst files and just transfer mailboxes via imap.


As a note, that three-letter acronym beginning with “P” and ending with “ST” triggers the hell out of our spam system. 99% of posts with that acronym are, in fact, spam. Just as an advisory.

I’ll second Frank - try NetCmdlets. That’s what they do great. Otherwise, there’s not much.

Thanks both, have been playing with netcdmlets, pulls it down in a txt file format, and without attachment etc… think its one of those things that is worth the 12 bucks per mailbox :slight_smile: