Change windows 10 settings with PS

Hi there !

I’m currently working on a script in PS to intsall Win10 as I want. I looked on google to find out how to make some of my actions but i can’t find other…
So i need to :

  • Control Pannel/File explorer options/Display/Disable >> Use the Share Wizard (recommend)
  • Control Pannel/Network and Sharing Centre/Advanced sharing settings/Private/Disable >> Enable automatic configuration of devices connected to thenetwork ///and Enable >> Enable file and printer sharing
  • Control Pannel/Clock and region/Region/Administration/Copy settings/Activate Home screen and system accounts /// and activate New user accounts
  • Windows personalisation/Theme/Desktop icon settings/and Enable ervrything except Network
  • Windows personalisation/Start/Deactivate Occasionally display suggestions in the start menu
  • Windows personalisation/Task bar/Enbale the Aero Peek
  • Windows personalisation/Select the icons to be displayed in the taskbar/Enable all
It could very cool if you can help me finding how to change those value in Win10 using PS ;)

Hello, and welcome to forum. Generally, if you want help writing a script you should show what you have written so far, what you have already tried that hasn’t worked, whatever errors or other problems you are experiencing, and possibly which resources you have already investigated/are working from. It’s also helpful to explain a little about your work environment, such as version of PowerShell, version of Windows (Home/Pro/Edu/Ent), whether or not you’re working remotely, whether or not you’re working on a domain system (AD/AzureAD), etc. It is unlikely that you will get useful help for your specific issue without giving more information.

As far as pre-configuring Windows settings for installation goes, that sort of job would usually be done with something like Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, rather than attempting to script it. Not all Windows configuration options are reachable through PowerShell, especially anything that still depends on legacy Control Panel applications that haven’t been re-built on .NET.