Migrating Users from Windows 7 to Windows 10

I have this situation and hoping for some direction. Our company is a Windows 7 Pro x64 Office 2013 environment w/ roaming profiles.

Each user has different files saved in different locations (Desktop/My Documents/Pictures/Videos/Downloads and probably other locations they dont tell us about)

Each user (as many of you have experienced) enjoy saving their passwords in the browser and never want to remember them. Same folks enjoy never having to type a lot in the forms of the browser so they have the autofill forms for user names and passwords.

It gets better, despite the users encouraged to use Internet Explorer, they still use FireFox and Chrome, which in turn has their bookmarks/auto fill forms/passwords as well.

we are looking to be able to export all that information and data without copying their entire profile (which may have some corruption they haven’t told us about and have just found ways around it just to get their work done) and import that onto a newly deployed Windows 10 machine so they have not only a nice clean slate, but all their data/passwords/bookmarks, etc.

So the question is, can this be done with a powershell script and does one exists that I may be able to tweak?

I understand there have been issues with WET and USMT. Windows is endorsing a product called PCMover from Laplink, but they are asking for way too much money and we are barely 200 users. Plus the company I work with likes to do this on the cheaper side.

Side notes
The update isnt taking place on the same PC. User is on windows 7 PC. We have a windows 10 Image that we deploy onto a newer PC.
Also, we have locked down browser Synch on both Chrome and Firefox as part of our security policy so that isnt an option. Likewise we want to avoid having to install extensions/add-ins that will do this work.

This is really a build, test, deploy, update, manage question, vs buy and use.

Between GPO, PowerShell and PowerShell DSC sure. Yet, not something you are going to get from a forum. Since this is not a simple task.

It requires a lot of thought, planning, testing well before deployment. If you get it wrong (destroy data, configuration, etc.), the cost of the other tool becomes moot.

If you cannot do this yourself, then you have to hire a consultant, then it’s more cost justification. Is the cost of the consultant, less than the other item? What about support, break / fix, update etc.

Step back and write down all you need. See what can be done via GPO, and System State backups first, then look at other directions.