cannot reply follow up

I tried replying to a thread on the 1ts of Jan a couple of times. It’s the 5th today and still no show. When I try to add a comment to another users 'thread in this section describing similar problem just for that one I get kicked out and have to log on again to be brought back to the home page. After finding the topic again and selecting it same happens putting me in a wild loop.

There’s some aggressive caching on this site that sometimes screws with your “logged on” status displayed in the browser. When you reach a page that claims you’re not logged on, try pressing F5 to refresh the page; that usually works for me.

If that doesn’t clear up the problem, please let us know.

OK, mystery solved (sort of). I just found three replies from both you and Tommy in our Spam bin on the wordpress site. Not sure why they went there, but I’ll mark any non-duplicate posts as “not spam” now.

Thanks Dave.

Shift-Refresh or Shift-F5 will generally “force” a page reload from the site, rather than from cache. Once you’re logged in, the cache is less aggressive, although your browser may still have old pages in memory.