Website feedback

It would be nice if when you log into the web site it would take you back to the page you were on rather than the main page. Usually I’ll come to the site, see a forum post I want to read, and then want to reply to it. When I’m on the post and choose to sign in, the site takes me back to the main page. In order to get back to the forum post I wanted to reply to, I either have to have kept the URL for it and paste it back into my browser, or I have to search for it again.

Or, hit back, back, reload. But yeah - that’d be great! If you know anything about Wordpress programming, I’d love to have you help with that!

That’s for replying Don. I wish I did, but unfortunately I don’t. BTW, love your book(Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches). It’s really opened the world of powershell to me…especially chapter 9.

That’s awesome - thanks so much!

We’ve been working with our hosting company to nail down some vexing cache problems. Once that’s done, figuring out the login thing is top of list for me. So… fingers crossed.

While looking around the web I an across this that maybe of some use. in this one

Appreciate that, but it’s not really the problem. Wordpress as a product is perfectly capable of it. In our case, because we get roughly 2000 spam registration and login attempts per day, not to mention hack attempts, we have a number of pre-processing modules. Those unfortunately obviate many of the built-in filters, so we can’t use a simple solution like the one you linked to. It’s the price we pay for living in a spam, hack-ridden world.

You CAN check the “remember me” checkbox when logging in, and it’ll remember you for 30 days, so you won’t have to repeatedly log in. And, as I noted, “back back refresh” will take you back to the page you were originally on.

If it was easy it would not be any fun :slight_smile: