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Good day Powershellers

I have decided that I cannot survive any longer by finding what I need to script or automate via Google searches any longer. I am mostly interested in Azure PS scripting/jobs. I have been watching Getting Started with PowerShell via the MVA but am very eager to learn and to intake as much as possible. What say you all as the best place to ingest as much knowledge as possible?



I’ve a whole series of well-received books ( designed to take you through the complete learning journey and help you avoid all the PowerShell pitfalls and gotchas. We’ve also got a bunch of topic-specific free ebooks right here on, and our YouTube channel has dozens of archived PowerShell Summit videos. Not sure what your learning style is, but those should give you a pretty reliable jumping-off point.


Thank you. I know your name! I believe that Jeffery Snover and/or Jason Helmick called you out by name!

Thank you for the feedback and I am very much looking forward to this learning journey. Honestly, I have no idea how I have made it this far without a baseline knowledge of the shell!

PowerShell Summit is also a great place to learn. It also has the added benefit of meeting fellow enthusiasts and sharing experiences. We’re sold out this year, but you might want to put it on your radar. :wink: