Automating Disk Cleanup [Need Help]

Hello, I am looking to implement the following script: PowerShell Gallery | Invoke-WindowsDiskCleanup.ps1 1.0

but would like to know exactly what it is cleaning up. Is there a way to find the exact file locations for each of the ‘sections’ listed in the script?

If you find a script online and you have question about it you should contact the owner. :point_up_2:t4:

Regardless of that … you may open the disk clean up GUI (CleanMgr.exe) on your system. There you have a pretty good overview what’s going to be cleaned up with it. :wink:

Does CleanManager by default clean all of the paths associated with the sections in the posted script? Also, the GUI only lets you see the actual file locations of some of the areas it cleans?

This forum is about PowerShell. If you have questions about CleanManager you should look for a Windows tools forum.

The first stop should be the help for the tool you want to use.

I appreciate the help, sorry that it is not strictly PowerShell related. I just want to make sure that I am being careful about what I am cleaning before implementing a scheduled task for this script.