Add Custom Variable to Select-Object


im trying to get the free Disk Size of 20 Servers into a .csv.

I found the following script but the hostname is missing as a row. How can i add the computer variable into the select-object or my .csv?

foreach($computer in (Get-Content C:\Temp\computerlist.txt)){
Get-WmiObject Win32_LogicalDisk -ComputerName $computer -Filter DriveType=3 |Where-Object Deviceid -eq c: | Select-Object $computer,DeviceID, @{'Name'='Size (GB)'; 'Expression'={[math]::truncate($_.size / 1GB)}}, @{'Name'='Freespace (GB)'; 'Expression'={[math]::truncate($_.freespace / 1GB)}}




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You should not use Get-WMIObject anymore. User Get-CimInstance instead. And you don’t need a loop. Get-CimInstance is able to take an array of computer names.

$ComputerNameList = Get-Content C:\Temp\computerlist.txt
Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_LogicalDisk -ComputerName $ComputerNameList -Filter DriveType=3 |
Where-Object Deviceid -eq c: |
Select-Object PSComputerName, DeviceID,
@{Name = 'Size (GB)'; Expression = { [math]::truncate($_.size / 1GB) } },
@{Name = 'Freespace (GB)'; Expression = { [math]::truncate($_.freespace / 1GB) } }

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Hi Olaf,

thx for the code. I edited my post.
Unfortunately i get an Error :frowning:
Missing Argument for the Parameter “ClassName”

I tryed to change add the classname CIM_LogicalDisk but then i get an error “Get-CimInstance : The WS-Management service cannot process the request. The WQL query is invalid.”

Oooops … my fault … sorry for that … I changed the code above. Simply use “Win32_LogicalDisk” as the class name.

aaaaand it´s working.
Cool :slight_smile:
Thx Olaf