xSqlserver DSC Module

How can i modify the MSFT_xsqlserversetup service accounts to follow the below naming convention?

$SQLServer = $env:computername
$DomainName = $env:USERDOMAIN
$DBServiceName = “$DomainName$SQLServer” + “DE”
$AgtServiceName = “$DomainName$SQLServer” + “AG”
$FTServiceName = “$DomainName$SQLServer” + “FT”
$RSServiceName = “$DomainName$SQLServer” + “RS”
$ASServiceName = “$DomainName$SQLServer” + “AS”
$ISServiceName = “$DomainName$SQLServer” + “IS”

Thanks in anticipation.


You set this outside of the configuration script and then supply it to the parameters of the DSC component.

Similar to this :


Thanks for your help. I tried following your step but I seems to be running intop more problems. Not sure I got what you meant quite clearly.