How do I install SQL Server with DSC?

I am using this video (- YouTube) to install SQL Server 2014.

I see this error after I run start-dscconfiguration SqlServerInstall -Wait Verbose:

"PowerShell provider MSFT_xSqlServerInstall failed to execute Set-TargetResource functionality with error message: SQL Server installation did not succeed. Form more details …

The SendConfigurationApply function did not succeed…"

What do I do with the error above? It happens after several minutes of processing.
The DSC that I run above (despite the error) installs SQL Server 2014 Configuration Manager and SQL Server 2014 Error and Usage Reporting. The media can install SSMS and SQL Server Profiler too. I want all the features/options that are normally installed. What should I do?

Must I modify the MSFT_xSqlServerInstall.psm1 file? I am using PowerShell version 4. Some of the examples on the Internet are geared toward PS v.5.

The xSqlServer module has been pretty extensively updated; you should check out the latest version. That particular resource has been renamed to xSqlServerSetup, I believe, and there are lots of new resources in the module that go above and beyond what little bit was in the original:

ImplementedAs Name                              ModuleName Version Properties
------------- ----                              ---------- ------- ----------
PowerShell    xSQLDatabaseRecoveryModel         xSQLServer {DatabaseName, RecoveryModel, SqlServerInstance, DependsOn...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerDatabase                xSQLServer {Database, DependsOn, Ensure, PsDscRunAsCredential...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerDatabaseOwner           xSQLServer {Database, Name, DependsOn, PsDscRunAsCredential...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerDatabasePermissions     xSQLServer {Database, Name, Permissions, DependsOn...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerDatabaseRole            xSQLServer {Database, Name, Role, DependsOn...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerFailoverClusterSetup    xSQLServer {Action, FailoverClusterNetworkName, Features, InstanceName...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerFirewall                xSQLServer {Features, InstanceName, DependsOn, Ensure...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerLogin                   xSQLServer {Name, DependsOn, Ensure, LoginCredential...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerMaxDop                  xSQLServer {DynamicAlloc, DependsOn, Ensure, MaxDop...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerMemory                  xSQLServer {DynamicAlloc, DependsOn, Ensure, MaxMemory...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerNetwork                 xSQLServer {InstanceName, ProtocolName, DependsOn, IsEnabled...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerPowerPlan               xSQLServer {Ensure, DependsOn, PsDscRunAsCredential}
PowerShell    xSQLServerRSConfig                xSQLServer {InstanceName, RSSQLInstanceName, RSSQLServer, SQLAdminCredential...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerRSSecureConnectionLevel xSQLServer {InstanceName, SecureConnectionLevel, SQLAdminCredential, DependsOn...}
PowerShell    xSQLServerSetup                   xSQLServer {InstanceName, SetupCredential, AgtSvcAccount, ASBackupDir...}