Wrong Data in the Output data*:

Ok, I’m new to powershell and I’m doing a basic task.

#creating a new collection of object - blank canvas
$debugIISObj = New-Object -TypeName psobject

#add new object
Add-Member -InputObject $debugIIS Obj -MemberType NoteProperty -Name “Status” -Value “NON-COMPLIANT”

Write-Output $debugIISObj

put it to an html format

    $debugIISObj |ConvertTo-Html -Fragment -As List -PreContent "Debegug"

but I get this instead



It should be

what’s the problem with this?, why I’m getting this result?

simple scrit

Try adding “-Property Status” to your ConvertTo-HTML. You’ll probably only notice this in cases where you’ve produced an object that has only one property. If you had added another property, it would work as you expected.

Thanks - That worked!