Write Background Color Yellow to html Cells that are less 50% free Disk Space

I’m trying modify this particular PS script written by Steve Goodman so that each HTML cell that is found and shows a value that is less than 50% Free Log Disk Space, the background color would be set to yellow


Lines 724 thru 726

if ($ShowFreeLogDiskSpace)
$Output+=“Log Disk Free”

or Lines 774 thru 776

if ($ShowFreeLogDiskSpace)
$Output+=“$(”{0:N1}" -f $Database.FreeLogDiskSpace)%"

Did you at least try to contact the author?


In the meantime you could have learned the necessary knowledge and change the script yourself according to your needs. :wink: :smiley:

Here at Powershell.org in navigation bar on the left hand side you’ll find Free Resources. There behind the link ebooks you can find the book Creating HTML Reports in Windows PowerShell. That’s all you need.

In addition to it, you can have a look at PSHTML module, its an awesome one for creating HTML using PowerShell.

few blog posts by chen using PSHTML: https://chen.about-powershell.com

“OK THE JIG IS UP FOR ME HERE IS MY MUG SHOT AND MY RUN IN WITH THE INTERNET POLICE” Maybe after paying off my Certification Fines I will invest in your Book “Creating HTML Reports in Windows Powershell” for $5.00

If you can’t afford it for $5,- , you get the book for free. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: