WPF Hover over icon in Navigation area to produce tooltip?

When I hover over the icon in the navigation bar I need to create a message (like the ‘Safely Remove Hardware…’ of the USB icon) ‘Click here to Exit’. This what I use to create the icon:

$notifyIcon.Icon = $icon 
$notifyIcon.BalloonTipIcon  = "Info" 
$notifyIcon.BalloonTipTitle = "Powershell Search"
$notifyIcon.BalloonTipText  = "Loading Search GUI. Please wait ..."
$notifyIcon.Visible = $True 
#Create mouse hover box here.
    $notifyIcon.Visible = $false
    Stop-Process $pid

I know I can use Add-MouseEnter, but I do not want a ToolTip message here.

confused. You want a message but not a tooltip?

Exactly. When you hover over any item in the Navigation area a tooltip appears. I need to reproduce that if possible.