Can you invoke the Printer Migration function on a Windows print server via PS?

I have ~50 servers (2008 R2) that are being replaced (Server 2016), and I want to export the printers and drivers from each print server and import them into the new server. If I were doing this one by one I’d use the Printer Migration utility on the old server to export a file (with drivers), and then import that file on the new server. However, I cannot find any information if this can be achieved via Powershell. I can get the CIM instance and export all the info to a CSV, but that won’t export the driver information with it.

Any ideas?

In a proper print server installation you’ll find the “Backup Recovery Migration Tool” at “C:\Windows\System32\spool\tools\PrintBrm.exe”. Run it with the switch “/?” to learn how to use it.

This is perfect, thank you! I’ll need to learn how to invoke commands to a command shell, but this gives me a great start.

Thank you!