windows RT ps-remoting

I haven’t had another computer off the domain to test as of yet but I use remote desktop to run PowerShell and admin a high school network from my surface RT.

there is PowerShell on my surface why cant I remote in using a “-credential” in the line?

here is the full line that I am using from my surface.

New-PSSession -ComputerName tomsw7 -Credential\admin

I assume, based on your screenshot, that your surface is not on the domain. The error message is pretty clear on what your two options are: You either need to have an HTTPS listener set up on tomsw7 (and include the -UseSSL switch when calling Enter-PSSession), or you need to add an entry to your surface’s TrustedHosts list. There are instructions for how to perform both of these tasks in the “Secrets of PowerShell Remoting” eBook on this site ( ).