Windows Default apps in start mennu

Hi all

I have found some scripts that work, however is there a way to run the scripts all at once to uninstall the apps I do not want. Currently using:

Get-AppxPackage 3dbuilder | Remove-AppxPackage

Get-AppxPackage skypeapp | Remove-AppxPackag

Get-AppxPackage zunemusic | Remove-AppxPackag

I have many more! Apparently on the build they can not force the apps to not install. (I believe this cant be the case). However to make my life easier and instead of typing each line out one by one - (or pressing the up arrow). It would be good to have a script that does it in one.

You can certainly write a script with all of those commands, but as far as I know, no, there’s no way to “just uninstall all the ones I don’t want at once.”

Thanks for the reply. I will try and write a script, checked out your book. looks good, will get next month.