Windows 10 Internet Explorer Default

Hi I’d like to know if there is a powershell scrip to make IE default and remove edge.

It could be a registry entry change< may be setting default programs for .html,.htm etc to IE.

Once found the way via registry change, You can use Set-ItemProperty for doing it via PowerShell.

There’s an xml file that has default associations (OEMDefaultAssociations.xml). You can also keep Edge from displaying pdf files. This is in Windows 10. Here’s a link that talks about it and group policy. Set the default browser using Group Policy (Internet Explorer 11 for IT Pros) - Internet Explorer | Microsoft Docs

You could try

Get-AppxPackage *edge*
Remove-AppxPackage Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge

Then set IE ad the default. But use with caution… Not sure if that will disturb any other features of windows.

Removing Edge for setting up IE as default browser is not good approach.