Win2012 R2 not seeing custom resources

I do not know if I have done this the proper way…but I have downloaded the DSC Custom resources off my windows 10 client as that has got PowershellGet. I can see that it has downloaded them to c:\program files\windowspowershell\modules…

I then copy that directory to my Windows 2012 R2 server c:\program files\windows powershell\modules but Windows 2012 R2 cannot pick it up and says it cannot see the module there…what gives?

Any help most appreciated. I can’t wait to try these resources out.

Have you installed v5 on the server?

On your Windows 10 system (or anywhere with PowerShell v5 and PowerShellGet, as far as I know), modules get installed into a version-specific subfolder, for example: C:\Program Files\WindowsPowershell\Modules\ModuleName\1.0.0\

Older version of PowerShell don’t support that folder structure; you’d need to move the contents of 1.0.0 (or whatever it is) up into the ModuleName folder.

@DaveWyatt is right…you’ve saved me twice…one with the operator in my last post and now this one…

@DonJones Sorry about that…I should have said I was using 4.0 PS 5.0 RTM is pulled off for now as MS has some bugs to stamp out with the $PSModule (i think)…every few you are in my ears teaching to me about the shell

Send me privately both your PO Box I will send you a little something from New Zealand. =)